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i got a job a few weeks ago so be prepared to have some pretty odd update times.


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Tototo by MushyBeanCurd

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i got a job a few weeks ago so be prepared to have some pretty odd update times.
EDIT:Event will take place 1/17!!
UPDATE: Requests will be open for the final time from midnight tonight to like tomorrow at midnight Central TIme. fasten your seat belts boys, it's gonna be a bumpy night.

UPDATE: So I'm going to open requests the day after I have finished all of my current requests that I have gathered up to this point! Thanks for being patient with me, finals and requests would have been a killer!!
UPDATE: The requests are open until midnight tonight (*central time) Be there or be square!
UPDATE: So I had this like feeling in my gut that I should probably cap off the requests overall to prevent getting a hecka bunch.

So yesterday my brothers were talking and they just turned to me and said "HEY YOU SHOULD DRAW THIS IDEA WE HAVE". They weren't like asking me to draw this huge project but like... just something fun and silly. I told them "since you guys seem to ask me this sort of thing a lot then I'm just going to have a form for you to fill out and have a request mail box thing in my room so I don't have to remember every thing you ask me to draw."

So that got me thinking.. what if I did that on my dA and other places?

So here's what's going to happen, instead of charging people for character drawings or weird little sketches or what have you, I'm going to open a request box! This request box will be open for the duration of the year, then on new years it will be closed! (this request box will open and close at more spontaneous and random time there after)

Request box DON'Ts (because everything after is pretty much free reign)

DON'T ask me to draw anything that you wouldn't want your grandma to see.
DON'T ask me to draw something you will be using as a commercial item.
DON'T ask me to draw animations, comics (if it's a small 'punch line' comic I will consider it), large pieces of artwork or what have you.

The first don't is one of my rules that stands with any and all artwork asked/commissioned of me, the second and third don'ts only apply to this certain request box (as they go against the intended purpose of this ask box thing)*

Now you may be asking yourself about this time "What exactly can I request of you?"  Well, for an example my brothers asked me to draw fairies riding into war on corgis (these corgis have armor on as well because they are, as they said battle corgis.) It could be something as random and spontaneous as this OR it could be something like "could you draw a bust of my character?" or "could you draw two kitties snuggling?" or "Hey could you draw my kid?" and so on and so forth. (maybe even fanart) The possibilities are pretty much endless. 

Moving on to the form needed for your request:…

Just fill out this form and we're in business. Your request will probably take around a week to complete with my current schedule. I would like to ask that every person only make ONE REQUEST. If you want more than one person on one of your request form then go for it, just use your common sense and avoid asking me for like a massive amount of people in your request.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONSSSS please ask away in the comments section below and have a nice day!

*If you would like me to be an artist for a project you are working on (comic, youtube art, family portrait, oil painting of your pet bird, ect.) please note me and we can discuss the matter further
Aeolius n' his skates by MushyBeanCurd
Aeolius n' his skates
  This is :iconfishglobe:'s cutie uvu\ 
I loooove his design, it's super adorbs and ahhh I still can't get over how cute this character is in general. 

You can find the youtube video here:…

Character (c) FishGlobe Nii-hon
Art (c) das me
Taliah and Derick by MushyBeanCurd
Taliah and Derick
HERE ARE YOUR ADORABLE BABBIES GURL!!! They were lots of fun to draw, sorry it's so stinkin' late /c\

Here it is:lennyface: 

characters (c) sugareclair
art (c) thats me yo
Bear Hug by MushyBeanCurd
Bear Hug
This is my entry for the "Give the Gift of Art Challenge"
I used Royal Watercolor on Bristol board, mounted on the back of an old sketchpad with clear tape, I also used a Canon Powershot A2300HD camera to take the picture.
    I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw this contest ages ago my well of ideas was totally dry, then recently with exams, I found myself really wanting to give a hug to my brothers and sister who all live at least and hour or two away. My family always gave me the best hugs, so I want to return that warmth back to them. My idea consisted of my family members being bears, so I asked them plain and simple, " If you were a bear, which would you most likely be?" or something along those lines. The funniest thing happened; They all chose different bears!! They didn't even talk to each other or anything haha.
    The idea only hit me a few days ago, so unfortunately I had to rush to finish this artwork. (Also my printer wasn't working so I ended up using a camera instead.. I like it a lot better though because of the warm lighting)

The bears and family members correspond like this:

Mom- "I would be a brown bear, like a- a mama bear!"
Dad- "I would be a koala bear"
Stephanie (eldest sister)- "panda bear, pretty sure it's not a bear though haha"
Sam (2nd oldest, brother)- "I would be a Kodiak bear"
Micah (3rd oldest, brother) - "Polar Bear"
The funny thing about my family is that my dad is the shortest besides my sister and as he says " the dog" Me and my brothers are the tallest of our family. My mom is even taller than my dad haha. They all seem like lovable huggable bears to me.

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